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Monday 6 Dec 2021 

A word from the artist...

My stoneware pottery is wheel-thrown in my studio in Durham, North Carolina. All glazes featured here come from glazes I have either developed from the ground up or are my own derivations of recipes I have come across during my study of pottery. Every time I sit at the wheel, I attempt to create art that represents a balance of form and function. Once the clay has been shaped, I fire my pieces to stoneware temperatures, ensuring that the clay body is "fixed" and impermeable to water. In the firing process, my glazes capture the molten flow of the glass-melt and delightfully unpredictable effects. . . . .JS


Anything Creative is a small company that sells pottery and other crafts online as well as through various craft shows and festivals. We do not currently handle our own credit card payments, we use PayPal to provide this to our customers instead. This allows us to concentrate on making our our artwork special and helps us keep the costs low for you, the customer.

We support the following payment methods:

PayPal You can pay us using the publicly available PayPal website. You can read about PayPal at their website.

We will request payment from you using the email address that you enter during the checkout process. This will cause PayPal to send you an email requesting payment from for the amount of your order. You may then pay for the order from your existing PayPal account; if you do not currently have an account with PayPal, you will be able to open a new account and pay for the order with a credit card or other means.

Once the payment is transfered to our PayPal account, we will box up your order and ship it to you using UPS ground service. If there are any problems with the order or you need to return items, contact us and we will be glad to help you with your situation.


Check We currently allow payment by check via mail, the address is provided during the checkout process. You can mail us your check drawn on a U.S. currency checking account. Once the payment clears with our bank, we will box up your order and ship it to you using UPS ground service.


Credit Card We currently offer payment by credit card using PayPal. Please see the above description for more information.


Other If you are in the Carborro, North Carolina area or have special circumstances, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you for payment and delivery options.


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