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Monday 19 Apr 2021 

A word from the artist...

My stoneware pottery is wheel-thrown in my studio in Durham, North Carolina. All glazes featured here come from glazes I have either developed from the ground up or are my own derivations of recipes I have come across during my study of pottery. Every time I sit at the wheel, I attempt to create art that represents a balance of form and function. Once the clay has been shaped, I fire my pieces to stoneware temperatures, ensuring that the clay body is "fixed" and impermeable to water. In the firing process, my glazes capture the molten flow of the glass-melt and delightfully unpredictable effects. . . . .JS


Here is an assortment of the pottery that I have created in the past. These items are here for show, not for sale. If you see something that you like, contact me and I can create something similar for you!

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Click to View Details Vase
Vase, wine Chiller or utensil holder with wheat carving.
Click to View Details vase
Green vase with carvings
Click to View Details Carved Green Vase
Carved leaf patterns on green vase.
Click to View Details Double-curve vase
This distinctive vase has two bands of black glaze around both shoulders that create a very attractive flow-effect.
Click to View Details Small Vase
This small vase is perfect for a small flower display, keeping pens/pencils together on your desk, or simply decorating your home. It has a very attractive band of black glaze along the shoulder of the piece.
Click to View Details Green Wine Chiller
This wine chiller snuggly hugs a bottle of wine and doubles as a vase. The glaze patterns turned out beautifully.
Click to View Details Green Vase
Gloss green vase with a semi-matte lip, with small etched carvings. Price reduced due to some pulling of the glaze at the lip.
Click to View Details Tall Green Vase
This cylindar vase captures the movement of my hands as I pulled up the column of clay on the wheel. The green color softened and highlighted the grooves caught in the clay body to make this a distinctive hand-crafted piece.
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